What We Do?

We Offer Services

We build new homes from scratch and also do maintenance on existing buildings. Let us build you a new home, whether you have an existing or building from scratch.

Building, Slab and Stairs, Plaster and Painting, Plumbing and Electricity, Roofing and Ceiling, Waterproofing, Tiling and Cladding.

Paving, Roads, Sewage, Bulk Earthworks.

Pre-Construction Design

Starting from land inspection, enginnering assessments and plan drawings. We take care of all of them inhouse.

Building Modeling

This is when we do the 3D presantation of how the bilding will look, in comparison to the othe buildings and where it will stand.

General Constructing

This entails the structural building, plastering and painting of buildings. We also rehabilitate old buildings and provide skilled general labour.

Construction Management

We understand that other clients wants to do things themselves, we deploy foremans or site managers for your project.


What Our Client Says

Bulk Earthworks

This Letter is to confirm that Shili Trading Enteprises was contracted by us to pave a school in Alexandra. We were extremely happy with the conduct and service. I would not hesitate to recommend them.

Department of Transport

This letter serves as recommendation for Shili Trading Enterprises for various construction services offered to us.The services included building, platering and painting of an office block.

Nico Maponya

I am very happy to recommend ShiliTrading Enteprise for any construction work. They built my house and they were very prffesional and they finished the project on time.